Livestock at The Nests


Here at The Nests Little Smallholding we have a wide range of livestock. We breed pedigree and pure breed animals, as well as commercial. We like to give purpose to our livestock, taking on and rearing billy goat kids and dairy bull calves - the animals which are often seen as waste products of the industry. Our livestock are all housed in barns and able to free roam on our land.


We don't farm intensely and once the animals are at the correct weight for meat, they've experienced a wonderful life of free roaming, along with a high quality and varied diet which reflects in their delicious meat. It has been said that a happy animal produces the best meat and we fully agree! 


The rare breed sheep we keep are put to the tup at the back end end of summer which gives us Winter lambs. The male lambs will go for meat or further their life as breeding tups. The females are kept as retainer flock members or sold to go on as breeding ewes. The commercial flock is farmed on the pockets of land we rent all over the Ribble Valley and Pendle area. They keep us extremely busy during Spring by producing a high crop of lambs.


We also keep several breeds of goat for both milk and meat production. The goats have a 4 acre paddock, complete with climbing frames and bordem teasers. All the goats have their own personality and that comes with a dash of cheekiness, a sprinkle of mischief and an extreme jumping addiction!

All of our livestock has a balanced diet, which consists of specialised animal feed from our local feed mill in Clitheroe and a huge array of vegetables that is delivered twice a week. We keep our animals in accordance with the RSPCA 5 freedoms act:

  • Need for a suitable environment

  • Need for a suitable diet

  • Need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns

  • Need to be housed with, or apart, from other animals

  • Need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.


We work alongside DEFFA and animal health guidelines to ensure that our animal welfare and animal husbandry is of excellence and quality. We also have a great relationship with our farm vet to ensure animal welfare is paramount.