Fresh Produce from The Nests

Here at The Nests, we pride ourselves on delicious meat, eggs and Christmas turkeys! All our produce is predominately grass fed, supplementing with fresh fruit and vegetables and all their food is free from any nasties. Fresh, ethically reared produce is available throughout the year from The Nests and will be advertised on here.


Due to the way we rear and farm animals, free roam on pasture, they are ready when they are ready...!!! This is the whole ethos around our 'ethical farming' approach and our slow produced meat. It really is worth the wait, tasting delicious and it is so tender!

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We always have fresh eggs available to buy. We have both hen and duck eggs for sale.

Fresh Eggs

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Goat is available to buy in 10kg or 20kg boxes, or as single cuts, joints and sausages.


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Lamb is available to buy in 12kg or 24kg boxes, or as legs, joints cutlets, mince and kebabs.


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Available to order ready for Christmas and range from 10 to 17 kilos. We offer Norfolk Bronze and British White turkeys.

Christmas Turkey

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We have a wide range of pork products, such as sausages, joints, chops, belly, dry cured bacon and ham!