Goat Gang

A wonderful strong selfless lady asked if I could rehome her goats! She was terminally poorly and just wanted to know that her beloved pets would be happy and taken care off.

I made the trip with the trailer and a friend for company. Excited at the thought of our new arrivals but an awful sad feeling which really made my heart ache.

On arrival we was greeted by happy goats and a lady who was clearly sad but all the same welcoming and friendly.

We was introduced to the goats quite an informal introduction seen as goats don't care about personal space what so ever. Chatting away about what the goats loved whilst poppy chewed on my very scruffy ragged mum bun I couldn't help but feel emotional.

We loaded the goats and all their luxury items of delicious food, holistic meds and suppliments. We said our goodbyes and away we drove.

I can quite honestly say looking at my rear view mirror to find Kevin the goat cruising with his head popping out whilst we drove down the motorway was something I wasn't expecting nor I will forget, come to think of it I doubt the bloke in the lorry will do either......... I now know what the driving sign /signal language looks like for "theirs a goat popping out the side of your trailer love" looks like. I must clear up that no goats , drivers or trailers was harmed in any way..Kevin just likes to make sure his presence is seen.

The goats have settled in and are loving life at the nest. The doelings will go on to be breeding goat's and will have kids of their own. Kevin will stay forever and has become Eric the most unlike goat friend.

Dolly as you can see is more than thrilled to have more goats.

The goats will be firm favourites of the farm school visitors I'm sure, craving attention and entertaining.

This really did make me think that life isn't for granted and we really must live with happiness. Tell and show our loved ones how much we love them. Aim high and reach our goals, grab life and enjoy.

So without further ado, please welcome Poppy, Rosie, Lillie, Daisy and Kevin.

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