I'm a bl**dy blogger!

So, I've been asked to do a monthly blog on a wonderful, female farming web page... Crazy Farmers Wives! I'm always so overwhelmed and intrigued as to why my life and day to day living appeals to so many people! For me, it's just a 24/7 of utter madness, pig shit, mayhem, kids, cow shit, mishaps, goat shit, swearing , chicken shit, manic-ness and well... more shit!

If it's not a goat in the pram, it's a chicken in the foot well, a calf in the pig pen or a pig in the calf pen! Nothing is ever simple and I've either got a baby eating straw, a wild child in Dolly climbing somewhere high or a feral Billy herding cows of his own accord, whilst playing football.

I've collected the kids from school with a pickup boot full of goats, I've attended parents evening filthy and stinking with hay in my hair, I've sent my kids to school with bailer twine fixing their coat zips or we've been late due to lambing.

I've taken them on early morning sheep watch before school and on after school auction trips. I make tea with chicks hatching in the kitchen, I have bottle fed lambs whilst making breakfast and even lambed a sheep mid apple pie baking.

I've swapped a steady teaching job for this "good life" or bloody bonkers life and i've followed my heart most certainly over my head. I've manifested each day and positive thinking when ever days are tough.

There has been times where I've cried, wanted to give up, not slept in days and survived off red bull and wore the days before make up. I've wracked myself with 'mum guilt' over being so hectic I've forgotten their homework and I've never baked for the cake sale.

Time has run away with me and days have got lost - so much so baby Peggy was nearly born on the field in the snow and I didn't even have a hospital bag 😯 But one thing I've learnt is to "keep going" - you're only here once! Why just live a mediocre life when you can live in manic madness and mayhem?!

People often say this "good life" looks amazing, that my pictures my are amazing - well to get the so called good life it hasn't come easy and it will forever continue to be challenging. My pictures are snapped in moments of "living in the present" or during moments of admiration for my strong, independent, wild and free-spirited kids and the love I have for my animals.

The days are long, the nights are longer and the money don't even come near. It's the lifestyle I signed up to, where life meets death equally, sorrow meets joy routinely, hard work follows by reflection and love and passion out weigh hate and grim.

I'm inspired by the land, the farming industry and how it shapes your being, the thoughts it provokes and the fight or flight mode it instills. I'm a person who tries and will try to the day I'm no longer here.

I hope that my children love the life they have been thrown into and don't just remember chasing sheep from the most random of places or me flying through the door with a sick lamb or burning the tea due to something deciding it's time to farrow, kid, lamb or hatch 😂

So if you fancy a nosy at my attempt at blogging (which I'm still giggling at as I've now to try and work a computer and become part of an internet society of bloggers) then I've popped the link below...


For now enjoy your evening and here is a little thought for you all..... don't ever wait, the time is never perfect, the time is now. Live in the present 💗

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