Dolly is 5!

My little wild, free spirited, freedom fighter has been earthside and part of this universe for 5 whole years! I firmly believe she's been here before!!! For just 5 years old, she's very in tune with nature, the environment and animals and we joke that you could throw her to the wolves and she would come back pack leader.

In her 5 years she's taught me so much about life, motherhood and most importantly "acceptance." She's shifted a huge "search" which I was looking for; which is "it is what it is!" Dolly takes life as it is, she has no rose-tinted glasses on - she's fierce, she's strong, she's determined, she's an absolute warrior and she gets stuff done!

She's not for excuses, failure or backing down. I learn daily from Dolly, how to live in the moment, yesterday is long gone and tomorrow is to far away.

She's sees the beauty in life, even those scraggy farm kittens 😊 She's full of empathy and compassion (until you piss her off 😂)... To her, animals are her safe place, her love and her emotion. It's special.

She does drive us bonkers with her energy, she's a total nut job and a joker! I do hope that she passes this freedom fighter, go getting, wild spirit on to people she meets! I know she won't ever change - hell fire, all the wild horses in the world couldn't rein her in!

Dolly, stay being you. Stay loving life. Stay teaching us that living in the now is the only way to live...

For now, It is, what it is 💚

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