Dolly has gone to school!

Well it's Monday... a flipping wet rainy drizzle of a Monday! Our day kicked off with sending Dolly to school. Her first day in reception. I'm emotional that she's gone and so happy for her at the same time. She was so excited to go to "big school " with Billy and carried her lunch bag in with so much pride.

She's different to Billy, she's wild, fierce and free spirited and it's no secret that she prefers animals to humans, being bare foot over wearing shoes and is just chaos in general over rules and conforming. I'm more than happy at her village school and know they will welcome the ball of quirkiness and nutty-ness and not freak out if she's something small and furry and alive in her pockets!

Many people have been shocked or surprised I don't home school. Don't get me wrong I'm still sat on the fence with schooling and home education. I can see the best of both sides and admire the home education parents for being so committed and investing so much time. For me, I will just see how Dolly gets on, the routine and socialising will do her the world of good. I'm confident the school won't try and squeeze her into a labelled box and will quite happily let her express herself. Even if that's being a shepherd in the school nativity 😂

I'm going to miss my little side kick, she's been a fabulous farm hand and has learnt so much. She's experienced more than some adults, she knows empathy and compassion, life and death, hard work and most of all how to wrangle an escaped, possessed goat better than anybody I know!

The big question! I know those who know Dolly are dying to ask!!! I BRUSHED HER HAIR 😊😊😊😊

HERE the feral wild spirit, manic, goat catching, straight talking, rough as rags, darling Dolly stands before you "in the best normal pic" I could get. Clean. Tidy. No wellies . No muck.

Happy first day at school Dolly!

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