Welcome to our 'Thought for Food' information section. Thought for Food is a new venture which has been in the making since March 2017 and finally, after progressing from pen and paper, I can now officially announce that we are going to be open in September 2018! My previous career - before farming took over - was teaching and i'm thrilled to be combining my two passions!


As I mention on the 'About Us' page, the more I fell in love with farming, the more it became apparent that there was a missing link between children and young people and knowledge about where their food comes from. I decided to combine my passion for teaching and farming... the result, Thought for Food.


We have converted one of our new barns into a classroom, otherwise known as 'The Coop,' and have sectioned off special show pens for livestock so our visitors can meet the animals, as well as learning all about them.

The Livestock Barn has a seating area, hand washing facilities and more animals to learn about; during lambing and kidding season, there will also be newborn lambs and kids that love attention and will want bottle feeding!


The Nests is a safe and secure environment with a large car park, toilet and my office which also doubles up as a cafe and can be used for making hot drinks, snacks and preparing your packed lunches should you bring them! 


The 4 acre paddock is always open for our guests to enjoy a wander round and to meet more animals. We encourage visitors to have a look around the chicken sheds to see where all the hens live and even egg collect yourself on your visit!


There's always lots of chirping and new life in the hatchery! Will you be lucky enough to see an egg hatching on your visit? Our ducklings and chicks are always in a specialised brooder with a 360 degree viewing platform.